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We are proud to introduce what we know to be the very best path for leading our clients towards exceptional video production. Being a nationally recognized leading SEO company with top notch in-house digital marketing experts, does not make us experts in video production. That is why in August 2019, VGISEO rolled out Seattles very best in video production services. We are stepping aside and have arranged a partnership with One Song Studios, who we found to be the very best solution for those VGISEO clients needing the best in affordable video production services. VGISEO now offers video production services far superior to those which were done by VGISEO in-house prior to the August roll out. If you’re serious about your company’s online image and want to make an impact within the fastest growing segment of online marketing, then One Song Studios video production company is a great choice. And, when your video is ready, VGISEO is also ready to get your video watched by the right people.

One Song Studios

The Best In Seattle's Video Production

Turbocharge Your Digital Marketing and SEO Efforts With Video



There is no better scalable and automated way to build trust with your audience than through quality video production and video marketing.



The simple addition of a well produced and optimized video can help to make it easy to outrank less savvy competitors and much harder to be outranked yourself.



Video is increasingly the biggest factor in buying decisions. Get on board or watch your sales go elsewhere.

We will meet you wherever you are!

Video is quickly becoming “not an option” and we believe every company should have access to top quality video production.

With our video production packages starting at $1200, we are able to help guide any company into the video age!

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The Unslovable Problem.


From Our Clients

We hired One Song Studios to produce a 90-second commercial on a very tight deadline and Josh and his team absolutely delivered. The day of the shoot went smoothly and Josh and his staff were complete professionals. The resulting commercial far exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the whole process. We will definitely use Josh in the future for any additional videos we might need.

Jesse Deason, Madrona Financial

One Song Studios produced a marketing video for a landing page to promote a service for my digital web agency. With Josh’s consultations and direction while shooting, the content and filming were super streamlined. The quality of the final content was immeasurably improved thanks to advice given between takes to help make that emotional connection with my ideal audience. Since adding this video to my landing page, my conversion rates have gone way up and that was the only change I made to the page. Thank you One Song Studios, your services are paying for themselves!

Jeremy Sutton, Webship Solutions

I highly recommend One Song Studios for any business incorporating video in their marketing program. Josh is highly skilled and brings a creative passion to helping others reach their marketing goals.

Ed Euken, Send Out Cards

Josh is a professional. He is taking his video production and marketing talent from working with fortune 100 companies and he is delivering it to small & medium-sized businesses. Josh uses video to help connect your business and unique personality to people in ways other mediums simply can’t achieve.

Duane Harter, Schooley Mitchell

Joshua Hilton, One Song Studios

“We aren’t here to make artsy videos, ring your doorbell, give it to you and run. That’s the very problem I founded this company to solve. One Song Studios exists to guide meaningful businesses into the worldwide community of online communication, sales, and opportunities.

Connection is key.

In a time when people are scrolling while driving, eating, and even watching tv, connection matters more than ever before. You have to get them to STOP and you have to get them to FEEL.

And once you get them to feel, only then can you move them. 

Celebrities, politicians, movie makers, and even large businesses know this. They’ve known it since the television was released. They spend billions on television every single day. They continue to do this for one reason. Because video works.

So where do you start? Video is hard, to do it right it’s best to have a team, and even better to have a purpose and a plan.  You need to get eyes on what you’re doing and stop fumbling around in the dark. Couple that with finding the time and the knowledge to execute and it’s a lot of work. Trying to do it alone takes time and energy most people running a business just don’t have. But without it, you’re missing out on a major way increase revenue, save time and build relationships.

We have the knowledge and ability to transform your business with video.

This is how we change everything.

We can work with most budgets, so you owe it to yourself get on a no pressure (seriously) strategy call with someone on our team. If we can’t help you. We’ll shake hands, remain friends and point you to somebody who can. If we can help, we’d love to partner with your company and show you how to transform your business with video! 

So go ahead and click below and let’s get started.

Joshua Hilton, One Song Studios