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Our experience with Verti Group has been fantastic. David and the whole team do a great job getting us in front of our unique customer base. They are very forward-thinking and usually 2 steps ahead of changes that are coming in the SEO landscape. They are also great at explaining what they are doing and the effects it will have long-term for our site. I can’t recommend them enough!

Bryan Wiggs

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Advanced SEO

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Artificial Intelligence AI & Google Search Results

NOTE: A Basic Understanding of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is recommended.     Definitions Machine Learning (ML): A subset of AI where algorithms learn from data without explicit programming. ML models identify patterns and improve their responses over time.  ...

AI-SEO Tools

SEO for AI-Generated Search Results AI-SEO strategies involve leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to help optimize websites and other digital content for better visibility in AI-generated search results. Verti Group International (VGISEO) has reviewed many AI-SEO tools....

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