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Getting your unique video review is as simple as completing this simple form.

1. VGI will immediately begin to evaluate your website’s current on-page SEO components and conduct an in depth analysis of the authority associated with your domain.

2. VGI will then record a final analysis video, detailing important SEO opportunities and the methods that VGI recommend using to realize those opportunities.

3. You will receive a link to your Video along with our proposal.

 Working with Verti Group International has been the best SEO experience I have ever had. I've tried many other search engine optimization companies and none of them worked. VGI's SEO team went above and beyond the call of duty. If you are wanting to grow your business, I highly recommend! 

  - Erin Morano 

 I spent two long hard years following every tip from every article about SEO that I could find and never cracked the top ten for any of my target keywords. I thought if I just kept at it, kept researching and trying that someday I'd make it to the top. One day I realized that many of the companies that ranked higher than us likely had some help, and it was time to get someone who knew what they were doing on our side. It didn't take long to see real results. They seem to know things about SEO well before anyone else. They're responsive, fast, and smart, friendly and professional. You can stop looking right now - this is the partner you are looking for. 

  - Art Grauer