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What you will receive is a manually developed and coded accelerated mobile pages (AMP) that is guaranteed to pass Google’s AMP page validation. We began manually coding and developing AMP pages in 2015 which is also far better than any other method for converting your website to AMP. *Not a plugin or other automated solution.

Convert to AMP and increase your website’s conversion rate

Use AMP to make your site load faster on mobile devices and you will convert more website visitors into customers.

Accelerated Mobile Pages are now mainstream. 

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages are transforming the way people search and view websites on mobile devices. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a framework for building an HTML page that loads instantly and looks great on every mobile device. Google is rewarding AMP pages with better online visibility and Google search rankings, and search badges and also has reserved real estate on respective Google search result pages. In short, you could be losing visitors and customers if your website is not converted to AMP.

Your website loads faster and looks better with Google’s AMP 

There is so much to gain when you convert your website to Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages

● Instant page load times
● Fantastic user experience
● Increased site engagement
● Tailored mobile design
● Greater user accessibility
● Improved search rankings

Convert your website to AMP and instantly boost your mobile website performance

Accelerated Mobile Pages simply rank better in Google

Converting your website to AMP is a must for anyone looking to continue to rank well on Google in the coming months. The search giant is also reserving prime first-page real estate in the Google search results for websites correctly employing AMP.

AMP-converted websites will also enjoy the lightning bolt badge that appears alongside their search results. AMP improves the speed and usability of your website resulting in higher click-through rates.

Convert to AMP today and catch your competitors napping…

Get A Jump on Your Competition with the Leading Google AMP Provider

At Verti Group International a.k.a. Seattle SEO®, we’ve been at the forefront of mobile and AMP development for years. It started back in December 2012 with a blog post then titled “For The Record”.

“ search is considered a necessity by most savvy business owners.” – Posted by David S. Freid / 2012

David all but predicted the rise of mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. This was something that Google later confirmed in 2015.

“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.”
Source: Google

We’ve been at the forefront of Google’s AMP Project since October 2015 and had many clients with AMP-ready pages before the beginning of 2016. We have developed Accelerated Mobile Pages for new clients ever since.

Google’s AMP project

No one is better placed than us to take your site to the next level. If you’re looking for a clear leader in Google AMP development, you’ve found them. Verti Group International a.k.a. SEO Seattle® is leading the way!

The price really depends on your site, but the price for a full website conversion starts at $1000. E-commerce & large sites require a custom proposal from us.

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