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The Internet is a powerful business tool when wanting to place your company’s digital content within reach of the right people across towns, states, or anywhere on earth. If you are not using digital marketing to get your brand in front of your target audience, you are missing out on a significant number of potential new customers. Or maybe your business is already committed to creating an active online presence, then the question to ask is, “Is your digital content optimized to reach the right audiences?” If not, it may all be for naught. To help clear things up, we talked with the online digital marketing professionals and SEO experts at Verti Group International a.k.a. SEO Seattle® (VGISEO), and listened to what they had to say. If you have been doubting SEO or have yet to implement it, the local Seattle SEO experts at VGISEO can provide some information that will most likely prove very enlightening and provide a reason to reach out to this Seattle SEO agency and the clear leader of correct Google SEO after reading the next paragraph. This Seattle-based SEO company can help no matter the type or if your business is located in Seattle or anyplace else in the world.

VGISEO is one of Seattle’s top SEO agencies with a solid record for helping hundreds of businesses reach their online marketing goals while providing an unprecedented 100% money-back guarantee for their SEO and online digital marketing solutions. And, this Seattle SEO company continues to deliver on its client’s expectations for even the most demanding online marketing challenges, and for more than 10 years; all this without a single client complaint ever. VGISEO is a true online digital marketing veteran that is also rated A+ by the BBB, and the same can be said of their entire SEO client base. The VGISEO digital marketing staff works hard every day to support the continued A+ BBB rating while understanding the consequences of even a single bad review. They meet and exceed every single SEO client’s expectations.

What Is SEO?

If you’re not yet using SEO, you may not know what SEO is. The letters S-E-O stands for “search engine optimization” and is a method of developing content that works with search engines’ and their algorithms to target those searching online for respective products and services. Search engine optimization works by implementing the right blend of both Google’s correct organic and technical SEO and must also employ an expert understanding of Google search and its inner workings. According to David S Freid, chief of SEO for the Seattle SEO company, “At the risk of oversimplifying, we thought we would share just a few of the organic components that need consideration at the beginning of every SEO campaign.”

  • Identify Keywords – Keywords are the terms that someone would use to search for your product.
  • Develop Content With Keywords – To optimize how likely a search engine is to show your content, you want to use keywords as a set percentage of the total word count.
  • Make Content Accessible – To get the most out of your traffic, your website should be easily accessible and understood by humans and search bots that compile and index the information.
  • Measure Success – SEO is not a one-time input; it’s an approach to marketing your business. To ensure your search engine optimization, you should measure how successful your content is.

“It is difficult for an experienced SEO to simplify the hundreds of ranking factors, and one should know that there are never two VGISEO campaigns using the very same SEO methods. What might support one website’s online visibility could actually harm another. Today, even font size matters and is now labeled a ranking factor.” One other significant point made by the company’s chief of SEO David S Freid and thought to be a worthy share, “If I were to label the most important of all SEO tools used by VGISEO, it would not be those costing thousands of dollars in licensing fees, but the official Google Guidelines.”

Why SEO Matters

One of the main reasons that some companies have not used digital marketing and SEO is that they are hesitant to employ a digital marketing agency or SEO consultant that they doubt is an investment that to be worth it. The question on their minds, “How can SEO possibly attract customers when there is already so much content online?” It is understandable, but that view completely misses the point of SEO.
According to the SEO experts at VGISEO, creating search engine optimized content matters because it allows businesses to target and reach their exact and converting prospective customers. Rather than throwing out a wide net with the hopes of catching casual Internet traffic. Maximizing keyword density and optimizing your content is much like using the best of fish bait on a fishing line.

Boost Sales

Bringing in a targeted audience using the best of strategic on-page and back-end SEO translates into sales. When prospective customers see what they want, they are more likely to convert during their online browsing into a purchase. The key is to make your published online digital content that is correctly keyword dense using the correct densities, but that also solves a buyer’s problem. This means more than saying, “here is the solution,” though. Buyers want to know more than just what you have to offer; they want to know how your service or product will help them more than any other. By showing them a solution to their issue along with information, the consumer will feel more confident in their decision and be even more inclined to buy.

SEO is Smart for Your Budget

The SEO experts at VGISEO explain that search engine optimized content is a cost-effective solution and important considerations when it comes to many business digital marketing problems. So often, small, medium, and large-sized businesses are looking for a better way to get their brand’s name out to a wider market. Unfortunately, many not experienced in digital online marketing or SEO will go about it in ways that can harm a website’s online visibility. Blanketing the online market with advertising is costly and does not always produce what a well-planned Google correct SEO campaign can, even when the SEO is targeting smaller likeminded audiences.

Comparatively, producing optimized content for an online community already invested in your respective product is a more effective and budget-friendly route to online digital marketing and conversion of website visitors to paying customers. Word of mouth is also a powerful business tool. Providing the best content possible to a market of like-minded already interested consumers is far more effective than trying to bring in every Tom, Dick, and Harry off the street.

SEO is Aimed at the Future

SEO is not about a one-time quick fix; it is instead a long-term commitment to your online digital marketing strategy.

SEO might not produce results in the first day or even the first week, but with a sustained campaign that is dedicated to producing optimized content, you will begin to see results in as little as four to six months. We should also mention that there are those searches like “websites for sale” that can and do take a substantial amount of time before reaching the first page. The reward is that you will find the single search, i.e. “websites for sale” to be a phrase searched no less than 5 thousand unique times each month as easily seen and recorded in the chart. It simply takes time to develop the authority and content needed to earn a first page Google search ranking when there is an overwhelming amount of competing content that has already been indexed by Google. The number of indexed pages by Google for the search phrase, “websites for sale” at the time of this publishing is well over one billion. To be found on Google’s first-page search results, your digital content must rank in the top ten of the presently indexed nine billion six hundred thirty million pages already indexed. What starts as a slow trickle of new customers most always will lead to a steady flow of prospective new customers checking out your site with a recognized SEO expert like those found at Verti Group International a.k.a. SEO Seattle®.

That’s the beauty of SEO. While it might just seem like a marketing strategy, it’s a way to build both your brand and public image. Interacting with clients through online digital content and social media builds consumer trust and frames your business as not just good, but a great company—you become a living and breathing brand that can demand a premium price for its products and services.

How to Get Started with SEO

Now that you understand the basics, you are probably curious about how to get started with SEO. Producing optimized digital content is certainly a good starting point, but why try a DIY or solo approach when you could collaborate with the online digital marketing and SEO experts at VGISEO who will guarantee your SEO campaign? The experts at Verti Group International a.k.a. SEO Seattle® are trained to handle companies of all types and sizes. They will work together with you to produce the right digital content that reaches your target audience and helps to build your brand.

With many 5-star reviews and over a decade of delivering guaranteed SEO services, Verti Group International a.k.a. SEO Seattle® has the knowledge and skillset your business needs to grow. For more information or a free no-obligation SEO consultation, reach out to us at 206-866-6556 or email us at support@vertigroupinternational.com. If you’re unsatisfied with your current online visibility, we continue to offer a complete SEO campaign with a 100% money-back guarantee, so what have you got to lose?

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