AI – SEO: What You Should Know

SEO and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

If you have spent time online or taken note of the news recently, you have likely heard about AI, also called “artificial intelligence”. AI has been skyrocketing in popularity and function since before 2022 as a way to help people conduct tasks in record time.

AI is already being used to generate images, study languages, helping to manage daily routines, and assisting humans in researching almost any topic in a fraction of the time. The uses and potential for AI are endless. Companies like Google, OpenAI, and other tech-savvy companies have been investing huge sums into researching and developing AI and other machine learning programs for years. AI is finally beginning to be a common topic and is fast becoming a household word.

Considering digital marketing and search engine optimization, which is commonly referred to as SEO, AI could become a great tool to assist SEO companies in their process. SEO and AI could help the SEO as a supplementary tool.

To be very clear, Verti Group International a.k.a. SEO Seattle®, (VGISEO), DO NOT believe that AI will replace humans in performing Search Engine Optimization. We think AI will serve as a great supplement to improve the SEO further whenever seen needed by VGISEO.

While we see benefits in helping us locate answers to essential questions surrounding our client’s varied industries and the respective events, some things are best not left for AI to perform independently. David Freid, our head of SEO, was quoted as making the following statement on AI: “Relying solely on AI for the SEO would be like everyone going into battle with the same weapons. In this case, likely slingshots.”

Just like trying to teach an AI machine to be funny or how to be philosophical doesn’t quite work, VGISEO believes teaching AI how to perform SEO on its own is not a responsible path for the majority to take.

The basis of machine learning software and AI is feeding it content. Once AI has a baseline on a respective topic, you can further interact with it so that the AI can learn how to perform the tasks at hand properly. In an always-changing industry environment such as Search Engine Optimization, AI can significantly supplement SEO companies and save lots of time if used properly.

AI will impact many industries, including digital marketing and SEO. Companies have already begun using AI to generate written content for their websites, which has already started to affect SERPs, making Google take notice. Recently, Google has announced that AI-generated content is NOT against Google guidelines, so long as it is written for humans and not solely for ranking and search engine-related reasons.

This is the beginning of what is looking like a long future with AI, so expect the discussion to pop up everywhere!

For now, Google confirmed they are okay with AI content, and many SEO companies are busy exploring the use of AI as a supplemental tool for some light SEO tasks. Still, AI certainly won’t replace the way Verti Group International a.k.a. SEO Seattle® conducts its SEO. It will help speed up research and help locate answers to questions about a client’s respective industry. We find AI to be a great “Think Tank”, which allows us to create ideas and to be better-informed authors.

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