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Welcome to the VGI BLOG!

We hope that what we share here will provide you with enough interest to keep coming back…

Much of what makes VGI SEO different than that of other Seattle SEO Companies will soon be easily found in the information that is shared here. Please do not under estimate the value of this blog just yet and read a minute more. We promise that if you are planning any form of internet marketing and/or search rankings and SEO are of interest? You will not be sorry you did.

This Blog will most certainly address state of the art developments surrounding SEO as well as post about some excellent SEO tools. But unlike publishing for this Blogs predecessor, there is much, much more connected to providing real SEO and a successful internet marketing campaign than present three years ago.

For example, you will soon see posted here on this Blog what VGI SEO considers to be an extremely important post about “AUTHORITY”.

The purpose of the authority post will be to provide VGI clients with a better understanding of how VGI SEO defines the authority of a website. As a prelude to the post we can only share that a large percentage of elements considered to be influential to rankings are seen to be connected to the respective websites “AUTHORITY” score.

For now, we can recommend Authority to be considered as the very foundation for any online strategy involving search engine optimization and/or internet marketing.

Need another good reason to consider checking back with us?

We have a record for posting about significant changes at Google. One very good example of this can be found in a post made on December 31, 2012.

“ search is considered a necessity by most savvy business owners.” – Posted by David S. Freid / 2012

It would be a year later before seeing the following official Google statement which was found in a post made on Googles Webmaster Central.

“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.” – Posted by Takaki Makino, Chaesang Jung, and Doantam Phan / 2015


Here is one more example of a post sending an important message to website owners. This may take anyone new to SEO to do a little research about the historical timelines associated with the influence of certain backlinks upon rankings.

Know about the effective SEO Backlink Strategies to Avoid – December 19, 2012

“Much has changed concerning Off Page optimization. Backlinks are actually now like playing with fire for the new or those with little experience only time will prove me right. A recent Google announcement involving some types of directory web 2.o linking was recorded to actually prove more harm than good.” – Posted by David S. Freid / 2012

If you happened to be a website owner back then or maybe you are one of the millions of website owners who has since seen their websites negatively affected by an outdated or less than unique backlink policy. If so? We hope you need little more convincing about the value this Blog can have on your website rankings.

We would like to thank you for stopping by and truly hope this to be the first of many visits to this Blog!


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