SEO Pricing in 2017: Understanding the Average Cost of SEO Services

It’s not often that you will find shared content, on our company Blog.

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I thought long and hard before deciding to link to the following article from our official company blog. Most all the content found on our blog, and that of our clients is written in-house and is always considered unique. So, why did we break our own rules and refer to an article – that we did not write –  and on our own blog and not that of a social site like Google Plus or LinkedIn?

As I shared in the comments section below this article for which I am sharing, “Great read!” and “Kudos to all involved”.

I simply saw this to be an enlightening article for most website owners and a sincere hope that one “takeaway” for the reader will be a better understanding of what it takes to deliver true, and the most optimal search engine optimization, (SEO).

Yes, we still market ourselves solely as an SEO company. But for the record, we routinely deliver every element of SEO methods that are mentioned in this article and when warranted, much more.”

As the algorithms become more sophisticated (almost daily now), we too need to become more sophisticated, to deliver results and a tangible ROI to our clients.

The article looks at hourly rates for the professional staff required to run a successful SEO campaign. One thing that the article misses, in my opinion, is the ever escalating costs for the “state of the art” software that is necessary for us to perform a correct and most optimal website ranking solutions.

On a personal note, I pride myself on my ability to look forward and determine how the wind will be blowing in the near and distant future. I wish that in 2009 I had the foresight to do a screen shot of what my desktop looked like. If I could show you the difference between then and now you would be amazed; my job has changed so much.

Anyway, I hope that the article enlightens you as to what goes on in our working day; if you have any questions or comments I look forward to either answering them or debating with you.

David S Freid / Chief of SEO

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