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It is no secret that Verti Group International a.k.a. SEO Seattle® is currently working to increase it’s own online visibility in Los Angeles and is determined to be found in front of it’s local Los Angeles SEO competitors by those searching online for specifically Los Angeles SEO services. The company’s website, seoseattlegroup.com can already be found by those searching Google when using “LA SEO Company”, LA SEO service” and other Google search quearys used by those searching for their best choice for an SEO company that can truly deliver the best in Los Angeles SEO solutions.

With the newly expected Los Angeles website visitors in mind, we thought it may prove useful to share some of the “whys” surrounding the decision to expand and offer our leading Seattle search engine optimization services to Los Angeles website owners.

The actual move to offer Los Angeles SEO services was actually a very easy choice. Some of our reasons supporting the move are obvious. For example, LA is in the same time zone as that of our Redmond, Washington headquarters. Another equally obvious reason to us anyway, is linked to our policy which we have had in place since 2008. That is a strict and honest policy allowing Verti Group International a.k.a. SEO Seattle® to support in select geographic areas only a single company for any specific industry, leaving us absolutely no room for growth when considering that many of our SEO clients are veterans and will most likely continue to exercise their exclusivity by honoring their month to month commitment as a valued SEO client. This seemingly bares us for life from the growth we need to fuel the rising expenses associated with the delivery of today’s SEO and the delivery of what we label as “Real SEO”. We simply must open an area outside Seattle in order to offer today’s SEO services which continue to rise in both areas of responsibility (ie social management, referral site development and management), to those in Property Management, Personal Injury Law, General Contractor, Heating and Air – HVAC, Private Investigator, Travel Agency and too many others to list here.

Then, there is the shear volume of online searches for Los Angeles based businesses and services.

The population of Los Angeles is currently estimated to be approaching 20 million. Also important to note is that no matter how the population number is defined, LA is second only to New York when considering population numbers here in the United States.

Simply, the volume of online searches originating in Los Angeles are in the millions each and everyday.

That’s an awful lot of searches for this geographical area and Los Angeles search engine optimization is also essential to getting a LA business seen online. Unlike New York city, the city of Los Angeles is more spread out covering a larger area when compared to the New York metropolitan area. This supports a greater need for those in LA to confirm price, stock on hand and other considerations before heading out to their choice of purchase. Saving time and money by searching online by many living in Los Angeles, California, is simply a necessary part of shopping.

“Having lived and worked in downtown Los Angeles I can share that the traffic and parking is enough to support shopping the Internet whenever possible.”

The important point here is how crucial the word ‘Geographical’ is when it comes to proper (LA SEO) Los Angeles search engine optimization. While google does consider the IP address of a user entering a search term, the results they return can add even more reason to search online using Google for a desired service or product.

Let’s reverse engineer this a bit, and as an example, say we are looking to buy a ‘Deer Antler Lamp.’

We already know that we don’t want to have to go out and make a four hour trip just to get our deer antler lamp. Now if we now imagine ourselves living in the Angelino Heights part of LA, to keep from driving for half a day I might search ‘Deer Antler Lamp Angelino Heights.’

If you happen to be selling Deer Antler Lamps in Angelino Heights and you do come up on the first page of results, don’t you think we would choose to make the much shorter drive to a local business over those found elsewhere?

Google does give preference to those searches which include the name of a specific geographical location and combining your keyword phrase with that location can provide a search result with many noticeable benefits. Of course there are times when the price of certain products that are priced in the tens of thousands of dollars, like that of a new roof for your home, warrants broadening a search online to include the entire LA metropolitan area.

Important to note is the fact that many more searches that will benefit their user when adding a local designation to their search phrase.

Use specific geographical locations and remember while you could set up individual websites focused on each ‘Small Geographical Location,’ it is recommended by both Google and Verti Group International a.k.a. SEO Seattle® that you concentrate your SEO efforts to a single site and possibly develop a page on your site entirely devoted to other geographical locations.

We hope that our share of reasons surrounding the recent move to focus our attention to Los Angeles website owners and their need for SEO services, enlightening. Also, if your reading this and currently find yourself researching SEO company’s who are offering Los Angeles services, to please give us a call, or simply submit a request for one of our representatives to contact you.

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