Verti Group International / SEO Seattle® is happy to introduce our newest addition to VGI’s list of SEO services…

Free SEO Video Review of Your Website

website review request

VGI SEO is now providing our prospective clients with a video detailing the exact steps taken by our in-house experts in the analysis of their website/domain.

We refer to this as “Open Source SEO”

Many of the VGI SEO Video Reviews are to be narrated by our own chief of SEO, David S. Freid.

David’s vast experience as a leading Seattle SEO is easily verified when referencing sites such as the BBB or even David’s own personal LinkedIn page.

Prospective clients will now watch as David explains the details of our SEO analysis and the exact methods of SEO we recommend.

We do have a few restrictions for our delivery of a “Free” VGI SEO Video Review.
  • Too often we find the budgets set by website owners to support an ongoing SEO campaign to fall short. For the benefit of all, VGI must determine first, that a prospective client’s budget will support the correct SEO needed.
  • Owners of multiple sites qualify for only one “SEO REVIEW VIDEO” which is intended only to build trust in our Seattle SEO Company and the methods of SEO which are used by our veteran VGI SEO Experts.
  • We reserve the right to turn away those seeking SEO for sites which are linked to subjects not supported by Verti Group International / SEO Seattle®. (i.e. adult content, MLM, Copyrighted material, etc.)
Reasons for Verti Group International / SEO Seattle® DECISION to include a video of our findings are equally worth mentioning.
  • As we see it. SEO is “Open Source”. If for example you are part of the online community which adheres to the “Google Guidelines”, then you already have access to the same “SEO Guidelines” followed by most any leading SEO Agency.
  • The video can also prove useful to both VGI and our client whenever a method of SEO is challenged by another. Usually such challenges of SEO are found linked to a competing SEO agency or other of a client’s third party online associations.
    [*Trust should be an important consideration made by website owners and certainly a consideration that needs to be made before allowing any SEO company access to the very sensitive areas which are now required by SEO’s. (i.e. Access to a client’s G+ and other Social Sites, FTP, Hosting, etc.)]

“TRUST” is an important attribute of our SEO Agency.

One example of trust and its importance to SEO was when having to explain to our client the risks associated with having more than one “Google My Business” listing. (we should note that in this specific client’s case it was determined to go against current “GMB Google Guidelines”. VGI SEO recommended for the immediate removal of the Google listing and considered this to be a difficult choice for our client who was clearly receiving substantial search engine traffic from the very GMB listing we recommended to take down.

Another example for the need of trust in your SEO agency is seen when a need to recommend a change to a respective VGI client’s company signature. Important to note is that our sole intention was to provide needed room for content that will better support the client’s SEO. The need for a websites rebranding must outweigh other considerations like the temporary ranking fluctuations associated with a websites rebranding.


  • A change to a website’s branding is considered by VGI SEO to be an element of SEO best performed by those who are experienced with the task. (i.e. consideration of citations, links, directories, etc.)
  • VGI would like to go on the record…

We believe that “Package” or “Cookie Cutter SEO” do not provide the proper SEO elements and benefits required by a vast majority of websites and their respective rankings in search engines. It is our very strong commitment and understanding that it is the unique domain and its unique website which will dictate to VGI SEO the correct SEO needs.

VGI cannot stress the importance of your domains authority which will include a consideration of a domain’s owner, history of the in-bound link velocity and other.

website review request


VGI / SEO Seattle® has not always felt that sharing our methods of SEO would be in the best interest of both client and SEO company, that has changed.