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The Growing Trend of ‘near me’ Searches

By |2019-08-28T11:51:06+00:00April 16th, 2018|

If you’re looking for a business local to you, how do you go about finding it. Well, if Google’s statistics have anything to say, you’re increasingly searching for “[business] near me” in a search engine. Rather than enter the name of the city or town in which they live, users are more frequently searching for

How Important Are Businesses Citations And Directory Listings?

By |2019-04-04T15:37:41+00:00September 1st, 2017|

In the early years of SEO, directories were a popular ranking tactic. They were a very popular way of obtaining links for a number of reasons. Not only was it very easy to submit websites to dozens of directories at a time, but it was also a low-cost tactic and it worked. Google even encouraged