Advanced SEO

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Achieving a top spot on Google’s first page is a significant accomplishment, but the true challenge lies in maintaining and improving that position. Advanced SEO strategies go beyond the basics, empowering you to optimize content found on first page search results with confedence. This guide is tailored for those already familiar with SEO fundamentals and are also ready to take their optimization to the next level.

Two Key Advanced SEO Strategies

We’ll share two advanced SEO strategies for optimizing high-performing content and staying ahead in the dynamic digital landscape. These strategies are also actively employed by Verti Group International a.k.a. SEO Seattle® VGISEO today,

Advanced SEO Share #1

Refining Keyword Density for Authority

Keyword density, the measure of how often a target keyword appears in your content, is a fundamental SEO concept. In advanced SEO, it’s not just about frequency; it’s about strategically enhancing your content’s authority.

For example, consider an articleabout “portraits.” To attract users searching for portrait-related content, demonstrate deep subject matter expertise. This is where advanced keyword density comes in. Instead of simply repeating “Seattle Portraits,” support it with a variety of related terms to boost visibility:

Location + Service:
Seattle family portraits
Seattle headshot portraits
Seattle wedding portraits
Seattle pet portraits
Style Modifiers:
Seattle natural light portraits
Seattle modern headshots
Seattle vintage glamour portraits
Seattle candid portraits

Adding descriptive terms like “modern” or “family” to “Seattle portraits” significantly improves search result visibility, creating a network of related terms that signal authority to search engines and users.

Advance SEO Share #2:


Our SEO experts frequently use advanced SEO techniques to determine the ideal placement and integration of core keywords. To illustrate this process, we’ll use the Google demo page as an example:”

Step One: Group bolded words, H-tagged subtitles, linked words, and larger font words.
Step Two: Incorporate all or part of your core keyword phrase (e.g., “John D. Smith”) into these identified elements.

In this example, the decision was made to include the core keywords with each of the H-2 group.

H-2 Group (Edited)
John D. Smith – Profile
John D. Smith – Employment
John D. Smith – Education
John D. Smith – Publications



Verti Group International a.k.a. SEO Seattle® VGISEO hopes that you found this look into the stratagies we use when the content we are to SEO is already found ranking on the first page for select search results enlightening. As VGISEO continues to prepare it’s valued SEO clients digital content for times when ai may have more of an influence on search results.In the meantime. We will continue to share tips, recommendations and more about AI, Voice and SEO optimization techniques and methods. 


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