2024 SEO Predictions for Digital Marketing and SEO

Welcome to predictions for Digital Marketing and SEO in 2024 by the Chief of SEO at Verti Group International, VGISEO continues to be a leading Seattle SEO agency for more than fifteen (15) years, since 2008. What you can learn here is possibly some of 2024’s most important information for areas of Digital Marketing, and SEO,search engine optimization”. Much like the “Industrial” revolution, we will continue to realize changes being made all around us, with one BIG difference. “State of Art Technologies” is making the changes made during the start of the Industrial Revolution look as if, standing still.

The future of SEO and digital marketing in 2024, as seen by David S. Freid:

Increase in Ranking Factors

Expect to see the list of search engine ranking factors increase in numbersSearch Engine Ranking factors” are the various elements and signals that search engines like Google use to determine the relevance and importance of a web page for a specific search query.  I refer to those we know about. For example, I know firsthand that “font-size” is a prominent Google SEO ranking factor and has been for years now. An adjustment by Google and other search engines to better align their search results to that of the screen size of the rising popularity of using a mobile device to connect with the Internet. Currently, the average list of ranking factors still refers to the same commonly referenced two hundred ranking factors. This number has not changed since before the introduction of smart speakers like Alexa. It has been too long since we have seen these factors updated. That is only one reason why a clear and concise list of ranking factors is overdue. I have little doubt that we willl see an increased number of ranking factors published during 2024.

Voice Search Optimization Will Gain Prominence

One prediction that has little chance of disappointing is the continued increase use of hands-free devices like watches, eyeglasses, and smart speakers when searching online. This of course supports my prediction of an increase in using voice to search online.

AI and Machine Learning Will Transform SEO – (AISEO)

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms are anticipated to play a significant role in shaping the future of SEO. Sadly, many who will choose to use AI for SEO will do so increasing my prediction for the number of duplicate techniques and SEO strategies used by countless website owners and what I know is a very toxic area for some search engines. It is my prediction, that sometime during 2024, AI will NOT be found to be the best path for SEO and search engine rankings by the masses.. I expect this will take time before many will begin to realize.

Featured Snippets Will Continue to Shape Search Results

Featured snippets have already transformed search engine result pages (SERPs), providing users with quick answers without having to click through to a website. Optimizing content to appear in featured snippets will be a key objective for SEO professionals seeking to enhance visibility and drive organic traffic. I predict a spike in both the understanding and use of this SEO element during all of 2024.

With the addition of a varied mix of ways used to stay up to date, whether we use an app, social media site, search engine, AI, or still other.  Expect to see new keywords. Both are linked to new technologies such as smart speakers As an example, during one task I was enlightened when I saw that the number of searches for a “Near Me” roofer was far more than the search for the city name with “Roofing contractor”. This was the very first time I saw such a notable shift in the use of search terms. I do expect to see more of the same in the year ahead.


Besides my feeling that this may be Bing’s big year. That pretty much sums up our 2023 SEO predictions for what lies ahead of us in 2024. We should expect significant changes to the SEO landscape and areas of digital marketing. Staying abreast of these predicted trends will be crucial for businesses aiming to maintain a competitive edge in the online sphere. In addition to my predictions for 2024, I Also, expect some of us will use BING search at least one time more in 2024 when compared with that which was done in 2023. But, no matter what you expect, make your website’s online visibility a priority in 2024 and beyond….


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