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Verti Group International a.k.a. SEO Seattle® and our Bellevue SEO services are always ready when you are, to kick-start your websites’ journey to the top of Google search engine rankings. Our VGI SEO experts have been providing Bellevue website owners with safe and affordable SEO since 2008.

Verti Group International a.k.a. SEO Seattle® is a leading Bellevue SEO provider. We rigidly stick to the correct methods of search engine optimization as dictated by Google. VGI SEO knows Google guidelines with a record for both the interpenetration and implementation of the Google guidelines that is hard to match. We are very proud of our record of achievements in Bellevue search engine optimization services, (SEO). Chief of SEO for SEO Seattle®, David S Freid, is committed to being as much an expert about tomorrows search engine results as he is about today’s.

We achieve a lasting SEO success, by not only researching, but also following Google Guidelines. We continue to follow the correct trends which can be found linked to tomorrows best online visibility and Google search engine ranking by monitoring the search engines copyright filings, following key Google ranking engineers, monitoring and the study of changes in Google documentation and so much more. SEO Seattle® is also the first Bellevue SEO Company to label itself an “Open Source SEO Company”. Today, the company selectively provides eligible SEO prospects with a free SEO Video Review. Among other things, the Video Review provides each website owner with details about the exact methods of SEO that are to be used, should Verti Group International a.k.a. SEO Seattle® be awarded the SEO responsibilities of your website.

Other SEO companies can seemingly be seen to offer the same or even similar search engine optimization, (SEO) services. But many times cannot provide documented proof of their results. Our record, and the proof supporting our SEO methods, include many Verti Group International a.k.a. SEO Seattle® clients that have seen their websites climb to the top of Google for years, and not just a few months.

We deliver the Google ranking results Bellevue website owners expect while adhering to “Google Guidelines”.

As a veteran SEO Company serving Bellevue, we can answer the tough questions and keep your Bellevue website up to date, we are constantly reading our clients’ websites for the many changes that continue to be made by Google. One example of our forward-thinking can be seen in our response to the recent introduction of “Google AMP”. Another new and recent addition to known ranking factors is font size, for which “16” has been mentioned as most optimal as Google continues to focus attention to those searching the Google index using a “mobile device”.

Within days of the October 2015 announcement, VGI already had three sites outfitted for AMP and as of today, more than 85% of our clients are AMP ready.

Look around and there appears to be a sea of SEO offers, the harsh reality though, is that a very small percentage of SEO companies actually deliver upon their promises. Another fact worthy of your consideration is that some VGI SEO clients, who returned to VGI after trying other SEO services, (i.e. ex-clients returning after a period of at least one year) found that their choice for SEO while away had employed methods of SEO not supported by Google. Ask us and we will be happy to provide you with more information concerning those who returned to VGI with what we refer to as “Ranking Deterrents”.

NOTE: All SEO clients who have returned to VGI SEO are now back on Googles’ first page. (08/20/2017)

As the intricacies of providing ethical Bellevue SEO have risen, so have the costs. In fact, our definition of SEO demands that we set the correct expectations for each and every search engine optimization campaign we manage.

The philosophy behind every Bellevue SEO project is the same as it is for all of our SEO clients. “There is no such thing as a “cookie cutter approach”. What we refer to as “Real SEO” simply means that it is the domain/website that dictates the correct and unique SEO needs as well as a good understanding of your top ranking competing websites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), involves a very complex network of online elements. Special attention is given to those elements which are linked to our client’s websites ,(i.e. WHOIS, directory citations, online advertisements, blogs, among many others).

It is clear that not all content, regardless of quality, is seen equal by Google and it is the trust surrounding the content “author” that can make the difference in Google search results. VGI SEO understands this and uses unique and proven methods to develop the type of authority your Bellevue website needs.

VGI SEO does not use automation to implement any part of our search engine optimization.

For the record…

Verti Group International does not use SEO strategies that utilize Content Spinners, Automated or Bulk Social Postings, Article Publishing, Private Blog Networks, (PBN’s) or any other method of SEO which cannot be found supported by Google Guidelines.


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