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Verti Group International / SEO Seattle® employs both On-page and Off-page optimization methods to get a website to the top of Google, Bing, Yahoo.

VGI SEO provides exactly what you would expect from one of Seattle'€™s top SEO Companies and is rated A+ by the "€œBBB"€ Better Business Bureau. Among a growing sea of Search Engine Optimization offers, VGI SEO has a record for lifting our clients to the very top and for the highest converting search terms.

We adhere to all current Google Guidelines to maximize SEO performance for every customer.

Our proven track record in safe SEO practices delivers the results that you need, without the risk.

Our SEO campaigns collectively rank on the 1st page of Google for thousands of search terms.

We never compromise our clients'€™ Google Rankings, by offering our services to their competitors.

We research, compare your site to competitors and create a customized SEO Campaign that helps your company take the lead on Google.

The Right SEO Strategy Every Time

There are many different approaches to SEO today. Many of the approaches employ techniques that are not supported by Google. Some of these so called SEO methods while clearly providing top rankings today, can cause your website more harm than good. Many website owners have experienced huge drops in rankings caused by a Google algorithm updates. The algorithm updates were designed to close the door on methods determined by Google to game the search rankings in negative ways.

You can count on our experts to fully utilise their knowledge of SEO best practices, while following Google Guidelines and preserving your Google Rankings.
VGI can keep a website from falling off the radar, every time a new Google Search Engine Update is unleashed. Our team also has years of experience with the surgical use of the best SEO intelligence/technology available today, including: MOZ, YEXT, Majestic, Google, Bing, NerdyData, Web SEO Analytics, Ahrefs, Market Samurai, WooRank and SEMrush; just to name a few.

When you put it all together, our SEO services provide the results that you are seeking; and kick the entire digital marketing effort for your business into overdrive. VGI provides the SEO Solutions that you need for successful online marketing, allowing you to focus your attention on running your business, while VGI SEO provides you with the peace of mind that you deserve.

We’re not just Google Search Engine Optimization Experts...

When it comes to leveraging the top SEO technology and the very best state of the art search engine optimization tools, VGI SEO provides the convenience of a “one-stop-shop” offering the following comprehensive array of digital marketing services for your business:

Responsive + Mobile Websites
WordPress Development
SEO Consulting
Google AdSense
Free SEO checkup
Web Analytics
Social Media management
Reputation Management
Reverse engineering SEO

VGI SEO does not offer cookie cutter services and believes that each website has its own unique set of SEO needs. This is easily seen in our choice to connect your website with those websites with high authority for your specific niche. Some of the elements of SEO that VGI considers for every website, include: -

  • Toxic Backlink Discovery and Removal
  • Duplicate Content Scoring
  • In-Bound Link Sculpting
  • Website Load Time

  • Content and Keyword Density
  • SSL – Website Security
  • Robots.txt
  • Meta Tags

  • Referral SPAM Blockage
  • Image Alt Text
  • URL Structure
  • Bounce Rate

And Many Others...

David S. Freid, Verti Group Internationals senior SEO and referred to by many as SEO Seattle. David is the only Seattle SEO to be awarded the official use of the trade mark “SEO Seattle®” by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. SEO Seattle® was also the original name of the Seattle SEO company before changing the name to Verti Group International which was thought to better represent a Seattle SEO company that today serves clients in 7 states. David ‘’s claim to expert SEO is made by his record of staying ahead of changes.

"We live in a time when search engines like Google and Bing are advancing their technologies at a “quick time” pace. I believe it necessary to be as much an expert of tomorrows search engine optimization as it is today." - David Freid / SEO

The VGI SEO Team is Dedicated To Your Vision

VGI SEO / SEO Seattle® provides SEO and online marketing services to organizations of all sizes, across a wide range of industries. We create opportunities to build your brand, expand your market reach and grow your business like never before. Our highly knowledgeable SEO experts and online marketing consultants create customized marketing solutions for our clients that are geared to achieve the highest ROI (return-on-investment) for your business. VGI SEO is ready to help you with all of your Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing Service needs.

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